History and General Information:

Whittier and Alaska


Alaska became the 49th state in 1959.  Our State bird is the Ptarmigan, State flower is the Forget Me Not, and State Capitol is Juneau.  Alaska has the third highest mountain, Mt. Denali (previously McKinley) which is 20,320 ft. and is located in Denali National Park.  Denali is a native word which means “The Great One”.  Our state’s population is around 600,000 people, over half of which live in Anchorage.


Whittier's population is around 200 year round residents but the summer population increases to nearly 1,000.  Whittler's snowfall average is 266 inches, some years much less, some years double that amount.  Passage Canal is the bay in front of the hotel.  This water has two high tides and two low tides daily, the average swing is 8 to 10 ft.





We have four tunnels in our community:

  • The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel
    • The longest (2.5 miles) highway tunnel in North America, and the first designed for
      -40 Fahrenheit temperatures and 150 mph winds!
  • Pedestrian Tunnel
    • This tunnel goes under the railroad
      tracks and leads to the BTI
  • Student Tunnel
    • Students can use the tunnel from the BTI
      to the school located behind the building
  • BTI to Buckner Building
    • This tunnel is now closed


Whittier has a “seasonal” sales tax of 5%
from April to September



The BTI building houses Whittier’s:

  • Post Office
  • City Offices
  • Police Station
  • Medical Clinic



More information on our community:


A wide variety of tours and activities are available in Whittier:

Summer Activities


  • Glacier & wildlife viewing cruises of spectacular Prince William Sound
    (Major Marine or Phillips 26 Glacier)
  • Sea kayaking tours out into the Sound.
  • Whitewater rafting and float trips.
  • Train ride for glacier viewing and rafting near remote Grandview.
  • The Alaska Marine Highway is a year around option for trips to Valdez or Cordova.
  • Fishing, sightseeing or general transportation charters.


Fall and Spring Activities


  • Salmon and Trout fishing from streams and lakes.
  • Bear and Deer Hunting.
  • Hiking and Wildlife viewing.
  • Scenic drives on the Turnagain Arm 


Winter Activities


  • Salmon-shark fishing
  • Snowmobiling Excursions
  • Scuba Diving
  • Cross country skiing, back-country skiing, mountaineering & hiking
  • Bear & deer hunting
  • Weather watching


If you would like us to assist you in planning your activities while in Whittier, please contact us.  We have developed great relationships with many local businesses and enjoy helping our guests plan their perfect visit.


(Sorry, Planning assistance available only to hotel guests)

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