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At the mouth of the harbor in Whittier stands Alaska's premier deluxe lodging & dining establishment.  As you leave the darkness of the Whittier tunnel a true Whittier  landmark comes into view...The Inn At Whittier.


Make no mistake, this is no ordinary lodge structure.  The timber-framed design at The Inn at Whittier comprises approximately 26,000 square feet and boasts spectacular views of the Prince William Sound.  There are three main floors, the first of which houses the restaurant and bar, as well as other comfortable spaces.  The Inn features 25 well-appointed guest rooms, including two townhouse suites.


The Inn is highlighted by its lighthouse tower design. The entrance to our lobby is accented by a grand fireplace which makes this an ideal area to relax or just read a book. The predominant windows along the water side of The Inn afford guests spectacular views of the Sound and surrounding mountains. The guest rooms will all feature crisp bed linens, deluxe amenities, and comfortable furnishings.


Meetings for your group retreat or office meeting can be held in private seclusion with the wireless internet access and support services available.




An Invitation to an Exceptional Property


"We invite you to make arrangements to visit this Alaskan unique Inn located at the mouth of the Whittier Harbor on Prince William Sound. We think you will enjoy the craftsmanship that has gone into construction, the carefully appointed touches throughout, and the tasty offerings of our restaurant by the sea. Please join us!"


     ~ The Inn at Whittier Managers & Staff

The Inn at Whittier

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